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TAKUMI Chocolatier CHOCOLATIER PALET D'ORShunsuke Saegusa Japanese NameShunsuke Saegusa

Born in 1956, in Osaka pref., Japan.
Working at the famous shop "Bernachon" in Lyon, France, he inherited Philosophy and Esprit as a chocolatier.
In 2004, he opened "CHOCOLATIER PALET D'OR OSAKA" as a full-fledged chocolate specialty shop in Kansai area, followed by Tokyo shop opened in 2007. He decided to dedicate his life for the pursuit of chocolate, and opened in November 2014 "ARTISAN PALET D'OR" with a bean to bar workshop which handles all processes from cocoa beans to chocolate on the plateau in Kiyosato Yamanashi pref. His tablet chocolate made from cocoa beans is highly valued, winning at international chocolate exhibition.
With the concept of health and beauty supplement as a next generation chocolate, he uses soy milk, sesame oil, etc in 100% cacao part of cacao, incorporates 100 billion of nano-type lactic acid bacteria and nodular nest of the nest that is said to be good for beauty.
"Chocolate too tasty for the body" series has many fans as one of the specialties of his.
He has appeared in numerous media and events, including documentary program focusing on top professional jobs, NHK 'professional work style', conveying the deep appeal of Chocolate.

Recommended way to eat

Each product is made with utmost care with highly-selected ingredients.
It is recommended taking two pieces a day (100mg of “Ubiquinol” Reduced CoQ10)
and consuming the whole as soon as possible regardless of the best-by-date.

Keep it at cool dark place (under 15˚C).